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February 2017
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Every individual desires of achieving something, that distinguishes them from the rest. SOMETHING that they crave so hard, that it helps them conquer their biggest challenges. Most of us take our inspiration from the brilliant minds of the modern era, namely Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Steve Jobs and many more. However, we just admire their success and some of us are rightfully envious. But what we fail to acknowledge is the struggle they had undergone, to be who they are today.

As a matter of fact, Gates and Jobs were college drop outs. Jack Ma was rejected by Harvard ten times. Walt Disney was not hired by a publishing company, sue to the “lack of imagination.” This makes us question, as to how they ended up being better than anybody else in the world?

The answer lies in their determination, hard work and hustle. They never ceased to give up on their dreams and ambitions. Their will to succeed and accomplish kept them going and this is the very reason you are reading about their success story at the moment. Despite of all the skills they might be possessing or whatever sort of education and training they might have received; the quality of “trying” was perhaps the most crucial and essential. It truly paved their way to success.

The next time you think of giving up after failing at something; remember that success never comes overnight. It’s a blend of 100 days of hard work and belief.

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