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February 2017
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How would you define entrepreneurship? Setting up a business, taking financial risks in hopes of making profit. Is that what’s entrepreneurship is all about? No.

The definition of the term that you just read above is merely taken from Google, to be very honest. It does not, in any way fully define the term. If you just believed those words with hopes of becoming an entrepreneur; then you’re missing something extremely essential. An individual with the genuine skills and talent of a true entrepreneur would negate that definition, and would modify it in such a way that the general public would be inspired and moved to hear it. This factor is what distinguishes an average mind from that of an entrepreneur.

To become financially independent, you must have the will to succeed no matter what. You should be willing to take risks, and yes it is absolutely fine to be worried about the outcome. But, that should never stop you from grasping the opportunity in the first place. Your will power should always overshadow the fear of failing; and even if you fail, so what. Do not believe in this term. Always focus on winning, or learning. Losing is a word that does not exist for entrepreneurs. The most successful and richest people on Earth, namely Bill Gates, Jack Ma and Mark Zuckerberg struck rock bottom before they achieved their goals. The only factor that kept them going was their determination and belief in themselves.

According to Naveen Jain, the founder of Infospace and a self-made billionaire, “if you want to make a billion dollars, solve a 10 billion dollar problem.” Do not think of social issues as problems, rather consider them as opportunities. Target and focus on matters that the majority relies upon and hustle every single day to solve them. You might face a million problems, undergo depression, financial crisis and other numerous difficulties, but NEVER GIVE UP. You will succeed in the end, no matter what.

Build a team, that has the same vision as you and that which believes in long term planning. Focusing on money, would never lead you to success. Target the solutions, and you will make millions automatically. Be inspired from the back stories of those who have succeed, and motivate yourself to achieve something, that others just dream about.



One comment on “Becoming an entrepreneur

  1. Asim Lohani says:

    That’s true because success is painful


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