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February 2017
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How do you feel when you see all those famous entrepreneurs, singers and academic achievers making their way through global fame and recognition. If their success does not ignite the flame of determination in you and doesn’t make you feel envious then you’re doing it all wrong.

If you do not have a purpose, as simple as achieving your life long dream, then your life is nothing but a meaningless journey through nothingness. You need to admire the success of those better than you and work your way to become better than them. Everybody wants to make a million dollars, but few are willing to invest the time and go through a phase of “long nights and early mornings.” If you give up after a couple of failures, than frankly you do not have what it takes to be at the top of the world. You will undergo depression, financial crisis and all sorts of phases that will shatter you; but your willingness to work even harder will determine your success.

The only favor you can do your future self is to work hard now. If this does not give you determination and motivation, than there is hardly anything that will. If you dream of becoming an entrepreneur than start working on it now. Set goals for yourself, or you’ll end up working for someone who does. Success is indeed a slow process; no one became an overnight millionaire. Those icons of fame have struck rock bottom before they achieved their targets. In time, you will feel that it is getting easier, however the truth is that it is you who was becoming stronger.

“Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the trouble makers, the round pegs in the square holes.” ~ Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

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