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March 2017
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How would you define entrepreneurship? Setting up a business, taking financial risks in hopes of making profit. Is that what’s entrepreneurship is all about? No

Harper Reed (Modest, now PayPal)

Harper Reed has always been keen towards giving opportunities to people like him. He visions of creating entrepreneurs with big goals and those who want to conquer their dreams.

Chih Huang (Boxed)

The CEO of “Boxed” believes in nothing but pure hard work and determination. At the beginning of the firm the CEO himself used to make boxes with the workers in order to motivate them.

High West Distillery (David Perkins)

“I remember a summer job I had in college where I worked in a warehouse as a puller and packer. It’s about the most boring job you could ever imagine. I really liked one of the older guys that worked there as he was super intelligent, and we always had great conversations at lunch. He rode the forklift around with a big smile and would tell me to do my best and be the best at the job I was doing, no matter what. He exuded passion for his job when he was on the warehouse floor. It made everyone feel good. I think of him all the time when I interact with anyone on the job.”

Jennie Ripps (Owl’s Brew)

“I am inspired by the fact that every day is a new day. I really think that there is an opportunity in every day, especially when you’re building a business. You never know what is going to come, and I get really excited when I wake up.”

Audacious Ideas (Bloom That)

The Founder of Bloom That believes that no dreams are too small. Waking up every morning with the right motivation is all that it takes.

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