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March 2017
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Launching a startup and being a successful entrepreneur is not always the easiest and simplest of tasks. It requires sheer set of skills and capabilities to be executed with accomplishment.

1. Flow of cash

First and foremost thing to know is the “cash flow.” Most of the startups tend to fail, because of the lack of knowledge regarding the flow of money. As an entrepreneur you need to know where every single dollar is coming from and where it is being spent.

2. Being organized

Being organized is another very important factor. As mentioned before, it is essential to keep track of the firm’s spending because in the beginning, expenses come out from every corner  and there has to be a way to keep a track of it.

3. Keep the initial expenditure low

If you want your firm to survive and thrive for a longer period of time, then you need to keep your budget low in the beginning. “Don’t quit your job and eliminate your main source of income until your business can replace that income.”

4. Time is money

Here’s one very valuable phrase; “time is money.” Every second of your time has a monetary value. Every second you spend doing something unrelated to your business is time (and money) wasted.

Make financial goals

Break your goals and make them manageable and achievable. Do not aim to reach high in the very beginning. It’s not bad to believe in the beauty of your dreams, but you need to step out of fantasy and think rationally. Set certain goals, work hard to achieve them and then continue with the same cycle.

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