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March 2017
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If we talk about innovation, technological advancements and success, it won’t be incorrect to say that Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, and Tesla Founder Elon Musk are on the same page. Both these entities are amongst the wealthiest and most powerful individuals on the planet, and have redefined the art of living for literally all of humanity. What if, both of the individuals could pool in their resources and expertise to achieve a certain goal ?

In the 5th Reddit AMA, with the release of Gate’s Foundation’s annual letter, he spoke about the potential collaboration between him and Elon Musk. A user asked him, “if you could create a new IP and business with Elon Musk, what would you make happen?” Gates replied that he would want to focus on developing green, consistent energy sources. “We need clean, reliable cheap energy — which we don’t have. It is too bad the sun doesn’t shine all the time and the wind doesn’t blow all the time. … So we need some invention — perhaps miracle batteries or super safe nuclear or making sun into gasoline directly.”

Tesla is planning for more battery factories and is on track to launch solar roofs after bringing Solar City into its fold last summer, so maybe Gates’s vision isn’t far behind.


One comment on “The Ultimate Dream Team: Bill Gates and Elon Musk

  1. Peter Bilski says:

    Hopefully after years of withdrawing Bill Gates could come back with his mighty powers to do something useful for humanity, besides this charity work. It is very notable of him to feed hungry and care about poorest on this planet but IMO this in not a place where he should compete with Mother Teresa. There are still big issues to be resolved on a grand scale that require the involvement of that best brains and financial resources. Since Elon comes with “new” ideas all the time: everything from space, EV, green energy. drilling and transportation, Microsoft hardly comes with a single great innovation in a recent decade. Microsoft could use his great talent to revolutionize how people explore our Universe and our planet. For example combination of experience in Virtual Video game, artificial intelligence could allow us to build robotic devices to run on the lunar surface. Let’s imagine teenagers now building a real city on the Moon operated completely by virtual 3D google. The whole city and economy operated here on Earth remotely. Millions on people sitting at homes and running small robots exploring every corner of Moon, building structures. You can just put your 3D helmet on your head and suddenly appear on the Moon or any other planet with all your senses, artificial limbs to operate as precisely as your hands or even better. This new world of possibilities require this two big brains: Elon Must to deliver goods to the Moons or other planets and Bill Gates to create virtual connection between our world and the distant planet.


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