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February 2019
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“Not shy of a spark”, “But I completely crumble when you cry”. If you have heard these phrases before, you are pretty well aware of what you’re about to read, and there is a high chance that 505 is what your heart harkens for.

Attached with this article  is the song “505” , to help you  understand more clearly what you’re about to read. So hit the play button, dim the lights, lean towards a mellow mood and enjoy the read.


How often do you hear a soundtrack that gives you a sense of ecstasy and makes you nostalgic regarding an incident that might never have even occurred in your life? Arctic monkeys’ “505” is one such song that gave the audience and the followers an uproar of emotions and a glimpse in the life of the lead singer, Alex Turner.

Even though, the entire song has just a handful of music notes integrated in it, but the way each instrument blends in separately to build up the rhythm is fantastic. What goes better with this are the lyrics. Sheer wholesome thoughts and pure class define the emotions of the protagonist/lead singer during the encounter with his girlfriend. The listener experiences a sense of aestheticism, like driving across a highway at twilight overlooking Venus and the moon. If this song gives you goosebumps, you’ve probably experienced a similar encounter as Alex or your mind longs for a companionship; one with whom you would experience all there is to experience and then loose it all just to attain that feeling.

“If it’s a seven-hour flight or a forty-five-minute drive…”. This sentence suggests to the audience that since it’s the last time Turner is visiting his girlfriend so a drive which usually takes around forty-five minutes feels like a seven-hour long flight. The manner in which the protagonist imagined the situation to be; “In my imagination you’re waiting
lying on your side; with your hands between your thighs and smile…” This indicates the anticipation of  meeting a certain somebody and the shivers he receives as the time elapses. Accompanied by the guitar bass that follow, the audience itself experiences a sense of ecstasy knowing not who or what they miss. However, it does not go as imagined, thus the lyrics “I’m always just about to go and spoil a surprise”,
“Take my hands off of your eyes too soon.”

Few experiences are universal. Few emotions are so democratic as to afflict all members of society equally. But if, there is one emotion that man must consider primal and basic, it would be longing and loneliness. It is for this reason, that we find correlations in such contrasting pieces of art.

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