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February 2019
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Is it not true that at times, an oddly fulfilling thought of “escaping” captures one’s mind?There’s something so satisfying about fleeing from reality. Something so content-full about giving up and letting it all crash and burn. I’m not reflecting these thoughts based on sheer failure and constant misery. As a matter of fact, I have achieved so much in such a short span of time. The thought of existing in nothingness, surrounded by absolute emptiness, floating in the cosmic vacuum and dwelling infinitely away from all that you’ve ever known does give a sense of “pure happiness.” Regardless of the fact, that you have a beautiful family, you’re mutually in love with someone or you’re just successful, the thought of achieving utter loneliness seems to be all that the mind may ever desire.

The overwhelming sense of being lone is perhaps, the most underrated feeling in one’s conscience. It can be described like listening to a very aesthetic song or reviving decades old memory and reliving it. Literally going back in time and experiencing it all again. The sense of ecstasy one achieves in being lone; it’s as if your soul, your mind and your being is liquefied. Atom by atom, it’s all vaporized. The past, the present and the future. It all unites into singularity. You are known with your past in its complete entirety. You’re living the present and shaping it with every breath you take. The future; that lies within the realms of unknowingness.

Being lone can be accurately described as the “cleansing of the soul.” The haziness of one’s feelings and desires goes trickling down into reality. Regardless of the knowings, human mind exists in two different beings, or split personality. One is tied to reality which is ambitious to achieve the wants. The other lurks as a lone thought. Ahhhh ! The lone thoughts. What can one accomplish and imagine in their “lone thoughts.” Someone being the center of your lone thoughts is someone you yourself are. If it’s someone else who exists in your lone thoughts, know that they’re integrated in your being as much as you belong to yourself.

Being lone is what the mind harkens for.

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