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February 2019
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Non-existence, nothingness, emptiness and the notion of negation; a phenomenon still pending to be completely understood by a human mind. This points towards a lack, or complete absence of meaning, comprehension, visuals and the act of “sense”. In order to comprehend the notion of nothingness, philosophy and logic implies the use of the term “not-being” which inclines towards not existing.

A common question which arises from this notion is, “What was there before the existence of the universe (or multiverse), or basically all of that which has ever existed ? Nothing. The human mind ceases to comprehend the idea of nothingness just like it can’t understand the concept of the 4th, 5th or 6th dimension even through its full cerebral capacity. Parmenides, from the monist school of thought, argues that the existence of nothing is delusional since something needs to exist to gives rise to the thought of nothingness along with randomization of one’s thoughts; and basically the idea of “thinking” itself negates the concept of nothingness, since thoughts do come out of something. If we consider this in terms of our comprehension of time, past does still exist since we can imagine it, but can we alter what has already occurred? In our thoughts and mind synapses, yes; but in practical reality no. This paradox makes the existence of nothing possible and illogical at the same time. Aristotle argues against this idea by stating, ” Although these opinions seem to follow logically in a dialectical discussion, yet to believe them seems next door to madness when one considers the facts. ”

An interesting argument that is a branch of the concept of “nothingness” is the idea of perfection. A perfect phenomenon is described as one that has absolutely no flaws in every manner and perspective whatsoever. However, existence of every element and occurrence of every event negates the idea of “perfection”, since flaws do exist. We can rightfully conclude that “nothingness” is where perfection lies; since it is indeed true there are no factors making up “nothing.” However, it is also true that “nothingness” has no flaws as well.

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