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May 2019
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We have all heard as children of how our future tends to unfold itself and are further told about the purpose of mankind. We are told that humans are meant to evolve and shape this world, either making mistakes or making the most brilliant decisions leading to huge, almost impossible outcomes. Having a nature of exploring new things and ideas, we get so lost that we lose ourselves and let darkness take over our paths.

I am speaking of where we stand today. We have permitted our “INTELLIGENCE” to mislead us into forgetting our true power of love. And where has this “MISTAKE” of ours led us?

The world that we live in today is humongous with billions of people. Millions starving and thousands being brutally killed. And still, even after hearing all of this, our souls have reached a point where all we desire is our own peace.

Our world is unstable. There is no balance and the way we treat everyone and everything around us will soon be leading us to our ultimate end.


Sounds funny right. Because we really don’t seem to care about it, but the main reason behind all of our problems is our ignorance. Our only major problem leading to all other issues is IGNORANCE. You see a beggar on a street. You know he wants food, water, shelter and money to help his family. And what do you do???  You ignore his existence because deep inside you know it won’t benefit you in any way if u help that person. But the truth of the matter is. You are WRONG. It’s not about religious or spiritual benefits. It’s about being human and feeling the pain of the other person. And helping that person not just because you feel sympathy, but helping him out of love and care realising your responsibility.

I have very briefly described in this article of where we stand, and in the future, my target is to be revealing our true image. Furthermore, I will write on topics such as sexual harassment, women empowerment, corruption, etc. So stay tuned and remember. Be kind, spread good and last but not the least, be HUMANS.

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