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May 2019
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You ever thought of being a soldier. Fighting a war against your country’s enemies. For soldiers, the code is simple. Die for your nation as a martyr. Now every soldier has a family to get back to. Well, some make it back, and some, okay, let’s not go there. The point is, that all of them have certain fears, within, that either help them fight, or become the very reason of their disappointing fall. Fears such as family that means the most to us all and that means the most to them.

What I’m trying to say is simple, soldiers, ordinary businessmen, bankers, scientists, doctors, each and every living soul has this fear within, that is actually part of being human. Fear of losing, fear of falling, fear of doing something extra ordinary, fear of standing, and to some, even fearing not being able to play Fortnite.

Yep, left Fortnite a long time back. Got Apex now. For those of you who don’t know about it. I’m pretty sure google’s not too far from the reach of your delicate fingers.


Just like these fears that make us stronger, bind us, there are certain thoughts that prevent us from progressing and hamper our growth, mentally and physically. I call them, by the way, just made it up. I call them whispers, because what they do is act like satanic thoughts, make you paralysed and further make you believe that they are part of you. They make your fears act against you. Another commonly used term for such thoughts, addiction. There are different kinds of addicts, drug addicts, Porn addicts, smoking addicts and some even sniffing baby powder addicts. Don’t exactly know what they were thinking sniffing baby powder. I mean, come on, is that the best thing you could find to sniff? I sincerely and undoubtedly pity those people.

This article is all about making you aware of how such thoughts make your fears act against you, further making you feel as if they are helping you. An example of a porn addict will do. What is porn exactly? It is a growing business of men and women who sell their bodies into making money by showing the world their naked selves. A porn addict is the one who is addicted or accustomed to watching such content and giving it a boost by his or her view.


Now what goes on in the mind of that porn addict before he goes to watch a porn video or a pornographic image. Well, I’m pretty sure that he’s not thinking of eating a whole plate of salted French fries. That’s my favourite dish though. Leaving that aside, what he’s thinking is whether or not I should be going forward and viewing that pornographic content. And as his fear comes in telling him of how it will affect his body or how weird it would look if his parents or younger siblings would catch him, his satanic thoughts jump in, saying clearly, it’s the last time you are doing this. Just one last time, and it shall be the end of everything. And that person gives himself or herself up for that one tiny thought. A whisper. A disease.

That thought of one last time, makes that person watch it not just once but a thousand times more till that person realizes that it’s too late now. And till that time, their masturbating habits have completely destroyed their bodies.

That one thought shapes our future. And we all cross this road in our lives. That disease, it tells us saying one last time, makes our fears, our humanity within, feel that, nahhhh, it’s okay, it wouldn’t hurt, come on, it’s just once. Our fears fall, crumbling down and our whispers gain control as that thought devours our true-self bringing forth a devilish person.


This same thing happens with drug addicts, smoking addicts, and what-not addicts. I once heard that some smoking addicts couldn’t take out their load in the restroom/washroom without smoking. Kind of frank on this one.

This thought is cancerous. It’s a hidden enemy waiting for a perfect moment to come out. A notorious villain of humans, of all living souls.

So my question to you people. To all of those people reading this article. To all those addicts who have lost their way. What did it cost? How much more can you suffer and give to this disease?

A wise man once said, it is never too late to repent, to realise your mistake, to know where you fall, to come back to your original self, to finally, come back HOME.

To come back to your family, to come back and touch your soul and get that feeling of freedom, of victory, of a soldier, fighting, risking his or her life, to get to live another day, and survive, to go back home.

I believe all humans are soldiers, fighting wars of their own and at the same time thinking that their problems are far worse than others. Well, I guess, being human, we all seem to think that way.

You wanna fight a real war. Fight this one, within, within yourself. Conquer your fears, and let them guide you to your success. Let them make you feel weak so that u stand strong. Let them show you where you stand, so that you fall. Let them make you fall, so that you rise.

Have you guys ever seen Dark Knight Rises. In it you see Thomas Wayne asking his son, Bruce.

“Bruce, why do we fall?”

“I don’t know,” replies Bruce

Thomas Wayne then says , “We fall just so that we could learn to pick ourselves up.”

I’m not asking you to be as great as Thomas Wayne. I’m asking you to listen to me as Bruce listened to his father and ended up being the protector of his city, a dark knight willing to give away his life for the common people. We all fall, we all feel scared, left out, but all of us don’t rise because we give in to our whispers.

My last message to finish up with this article is over pornography. I picked this certain addiction as it is hidden in our society. And many parents seem to ignore it not realizing what their children might be going through. Pornography exists, and is seen everywhere around us, on our phones, laptops, tablets, literally, everywhere. This filth has gained a lot of momentum in this century. So it is our job, to make it come to notice. To step up, and fight those whispers. If you truly want a change. Then start with yourself. Start with fighting those Thoughts as I fight everyday, and I shall continue to fight them for the rest of my life, to end it all.

I am trying my best to fulfill my responsibilities. I suggest you do the same and take a small step towards a brighter future. And for those of you who are addicts. Don’t worry. It is never too late to let go. If you wish to secure your future, then you will have to prevent these thoughts from blackmailing your present, to safeguard a glorious and a beautiful future.

And yes, share this article, like it and spread the word.



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