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June 2019
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Any thoughts over the deep web, or the dark web. To start off you should know that we, normal citizens could only access 4 percent of the total World Wide Web (www). The rest 96 percent is a bit tricky to access and it is known as the deep web after which comes the dark web. Now the deep web consists of classified information used by private companies, government and a few hackers as well. Reaching it is pretty easy with Tor Browser and VPN for further safety.


I spent more than a week leaving my studies over Python Language and focussed on the dark side of the internet. I got into a few illegal sites which were in the deep web. Furthermore, I even went through a few black market sites. Now this was a small part of the deep web. A very small one. There are many specific parts which I couldn’t access due to my lack of programming knowledge.

So what else is hidden in this deep web. For starters, illegal pornography, drug dealings, etc. When coming to the dark web. It gets even worse. You will find human trafficking, drug mafia, modern day slavery and the glorious red rooms. Red rooms are basically like coffee shops where the buyer and seller is anonymous and the buyer buys people’s stories based usually on sexual activities, rape incidents, etc.


Now if you are thinking that ohhhh boyy, I gotta reach out to the dark web. Take my advice. BAD IDEA. If it would have been that easy and secure then I would have attatched links in this article for you to easily access such sites. The dark Web is full of hackers and government agents, not a joke, seriously. There’s a reason why it’s called dark in the first place. Obviously, only an insane person would want to access such a place. An insane person like me in search of IS Slavery Victims. I tried to get in, but trust me, it’s hard. I could only reach a few deep web, not even dark web sites. And those too took decades to load, not because my net is slow, but because I was using VPN on Tor which actually worked as a VPN browser itself. Probably dumb. But no, not exactly dumb, if you want your computer, mobile or tablet to survive the anonymous viruses in it. Plus there is a high risk of your location being tracked while accessing it.


Well no worries at all, if you have Tor browser. And if you don’t than you might be losing your laptop pretty soon. No worries on that too. You lose some, you gain some.

Leaving that aside, my main objective of finding IS Slavery Victims was not completely successful. I went in search of that, but came out with a few illegal site links and a bit of knowledge of what lays beyond. We leave in search of something that would benefit thousands, and we come out with a few bits of knowledge which when put together would help save even more people.

This short article was to inform you of what lies in front of us, but cannot be seen. If you wish to access such sites, then be my guest, do so, but at your own expense. What I did, was to find information about women being sold off as slaves by the IS. And as Howard Stark said it, “The greater good has greatly outweighed my own self interests.” Not boasting, but I find his words covering all my actions. Almost all of them.

There are thousands of families living in even worse conditions. My request to the viewers is to like, share and spread this article to raise awareness, about such atrocities. And to further let others know about the hidden world, the hidden internet, the hidden devil.

I wouldn’t exactly call it a devil . As it could be used for betterment. That would in turn change it’s name, and maybe, just maybe if that happens. The terrorist and other illegal activities would also come tumbling down.

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